Felt flower napkin ring and ornament
Posted on November 26th 2012Top

Here is how I took that photo:

This is one of my newest projects (December is going to be so much fun. Is it December yet, is it?).

A felt flower napkin ring. It is made with twine wire and gray felt.

Then I thought: why not make that felt flower into an ornament to go with the napkin rings. It looks like this.

That evolved into a full table setting (later in this post - doubles as my dining room reveal) with leaf decorated candle sticks. Disclaimer.

To make these leaf decorated candle sticks, do this (Behind the scenes photo here. Those on rss-readers, will need to click to the site to see):

Then stick the candles through from the top. Before burning the candles, please read my Disclaimer. again :)

And a center piece for the table.

Here I used some branches and greenery from my yard and maaaaaybe some from a neighbor's yard. :secret:

You know... It just kind of snowballed... Had a great time making it all. Here is how I made the felt flowers.

Use a small glass or other round thing to make circles. Then cut them out. Each flower uses 5 circles. For the napkin rings I used a smaller felt circle on the back to make it look finished. I used a quarter as my template for those.

Using the tiniest amound of hot glue in the center of each circle, fold them in half and hold, or use a clothes pin. For each flower you should have four that are folded in half. For the center, again with the tiniest amount of glue, fold it once more.

Next make the rings. I used Naturally Wired Wire

Twist the wire tightly around the glass. Then twist the wires into the ring. Cut so that the wire ends meet up after the second round.

Then it's time to assemble:

To make the ornament, instead of gluing on the ring, you do this.

Setting the table

Want to bake that roll in the picture? Recipe here.

Here is a FREE download with the place card I used in my table setting.

Before we get to the dning room with the table set, let me just quickly show you what our dining room looked like when we moved in three years ago.

You can read about our living room remodel, where we switched out the window on the left for a full height window, put in new floors etc here.

Here is the dining room after.

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I later used the napkin rings in this table setting.

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