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Posted on May 13th 2013Top
Garage sale great finds gourmet potatoes 1

A couple of weeks ago my association announced their annual garage sale and I jumped at the chance to get rid of a few pieces of furniture and nick-knacks I had collected in the last months while I was decluttering around the house a bit.

Garage sale great finds gourmet potatoes 1

It started very early - 7am- so we got up at 6am and started carrying everything outside. A couple early birds started snapping things up right away before I could even snap a picture. That big book case in the background was taking up space in our Master bathroom along the empty wall I have plans for. It used to house all the towels and linens, but ever since we got our act together and finished the upstairs hall cabinets, we no longer needed it.

Garage sale great finds gourmet potatoes 1

My neighbor up the street was having a sale too, so I went up to scope out the competition say hi! He had stacks and stacks of these lovely blue and white plates. If I had been short on plates, I would have bought the whole set I think. I asked if I could buy just one bowl and he gave it to me for free! That's my favorite amount! Thank you!

Garage sale great finds gourmet potatoes 1

The garage sale was scheduled to last until 2pm, but it was pretty clear that all the action happened in the first hour, to hour and a half. I sold all the bigger things like book cases, big teddy bears and a Christmas tree, my old sewing machine, an old stereo. Then after that I sat around and it got hot nobody came around for quite a while. So I put the rest of the few things in my car and later drove down to donate them to Salvation Army.

Garage sale great finds gourmet potatoes 1

I went through their store and scooped up this lovely willow basket for $4. So lucky :) I think it will live outside on the patio over the summer.

The story could end here, but let's not...

Garage sale great finds gourmet potatoes 1

Last Saturday we were invited to a barbeque -  potluck style - and I made some oven roasted fresh herb potatoes and carrots with a sour cream dip to bring. Yes, this is still related to my garage sale find. Read on...

Garage sale great finds gourmet potatoes 1

Chop, chop, chop. Fresh rosemary and thyme.

Garage sale great finds gourmet potatoes 1

I cut up some small potatoes (rinsed) and some carrots (rinsed and peeled). Added olive oil, salt, pepper, chopped herbs. I put it in the oven at 390F for about an hour. Check with a cooking needle that they are done before removing from the oven.

Garage sale great finds gourmet potatoes 1

While the potatoes were in the oven, I made a sour cream dip.

16oz sour cream
1 small bunch of chives, cut
small handful Tarragon
small handful Thyme
big handful Oregano
1/2 tsp Dijon mustard
2 tbsp red wine vinegar
salt & pepper to taste

Garage sale great finds gourmet potatoes 1

Garage sale great finds gourmet potatoes 1

Stir well.

Garage sale great finds gourmet potatoes 1

Well, well, well, there is my little bowl again. Should we call it a full

May word of the month circle

moment at this point? We could. Because then I made something else for my word of the month:) See how I made that wreath here.

Garage sale great finds gourmet potatoes 1

Remove the potatoes from the oven when they are done.

Garage sale great finds gourmet potatoes 1

Serve the potatoes hot and the dip cold.

Here is my plate at the party - behind the scenes photo - website only.

Someone made a Coleslaw with green apples, that was really good. And someone else some marinated steamed asparagus. Mmmmm

I am linking up to the DIY MAY-nia party - Show your garage or thrift store finds at Wit Wisdom and Food | The HumberHome Project | Corner of Main | Mailbox Journey

Have you had a garage sale before? This was my first. It was fast and furious, but a lot of fun. I could see myself having another one. Have you found something great at a thrift store lately?
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